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Real Name Loki Laufeyson
Alias(es) God of Mischief
Loki of Asgard
"Real Power"
Gender Male
Age Over one thousand years
Title(s) Prince of Asgard
God of Mischief
Affiliation Asgardians
Movie Thor
The Avengers
Thor: The Dark World
Game Thor: God of Thunder
The Avengers: Battle for Earth
Comic Captain America & Thor: Avengers!
Fury's Big Week
Thor: The Dark World Prelude
Portrayed by Tom Hiddleston
Ted Allpress Template:C
Status Alive

Template:Quote Loki Laufeyson is the "god of mischief". He is the adopted brother of Thor, the adopted son of Odin and Frigga, and the biological son of Laufey. He is an enemy of The Avengers.


Early lifeEdit

File:Young Loki.jpg

Loki was small for a Frost Giant, so his father, Laufey, king of the Frost Giants, abandoned him. In 965, Odin had found Loki alone in a temple and adopted him after a battle between the Asgardians and Frost Giants. Odin already had a son, Thor, who he had with his wife Frigga.[1]

As they grew up Loki always felt like he was living in Thor's shadow, considering that he is meant to be king as he matures.

Fight with MalekithEdit

Template:Quote At some point in time, one of the Warriors Three, Fandral, was captured by the Dark Elves and taken to the Citadel of Spires, a tower owned by Alflyse, the queen of the Dark Elves. Thor, Sif, Hogun,Volstagg, and Loki decided to save their friend.[2]

The adventureous Asgardians sneaked into Svartalfheim, the realm of the Dark Elves, and though they were attacked by numerous monstruos creatures, they reached the Citadel. While Hogun, Thor, and Volstagg attacked the front door, Loki and Sif went through the caverns beneath the tower. Once inside the caverns, Loki unsuccessfully flirted with Sif.[2]

File:Loki vs Malekith 3.PNG

When they were attacked by the giant bats, Loki realized that they are just an illusion. When they entered the tower, they encountered Malekith, Alflyse's royal mage. Loki told Sif to go ahead while he faced Malekith alone. However, the dark elf proved to be more difficult foe than Loki expected.[2]

Loki's battle with Malekith ended up in the Citadel's courtyard where Thor used his hammer, Mjølnir, to defeat Malekith. Then, while Loki distracted Kurse, Thor destroyed the tower and defeated all Dark Elves. In the end, Loki and Thor decided to work together more often.[2]

Mangog Unleashed Edit

Loki's jealousy of his step-brother eventually led to the near-destruction of Asgard. Wanting to prove himself a better heir to the throne of Asgard Loki put into place a plan that was supposed to make him look like a hero in the eyes of Asgardians. He was wrong. Thor resented the Frost Giants, and when they slipped into Asgard and attacked the city, Thor had seen enough. Seeing Thor's resentment of the Frost Giants as an opportunity Loki initiated his plan. Loki told Thor that if he really wanted; he should venture into Ymir's realm; the land of the Frost Giants and destroy them all to finally ensure peace. Loki knew of a gateway in Ymir's realm; one that contained a being of Odin's own creation known as Mangog.[3]

Once Thor had fought off hoards of Frost Giants and eventually defeating Ymir himself; Loki told Thor to open the gateway; saying that it would unleash an everlasting flame that would defeat the Frost Giants once and for all. But in reality Loki wanted Thor to open the gateway so that Mangog would not only be unleashed in Ymir's realm, but Asgard and the rest of the nine realms as well; his plan was to unleash Mangog on Asgard and then use the Casket of Ancient Winters to defeat him. Thus making him look like a hero and the more worthy heir. But this plan backfired when Mangog was unable to be defeated by the Casket. Luckily Thor was able to return to Asgard, and after defeating both Surtur and Ymir's forces, Thor, with the help of Loki and his father Odin were able to defeat Mangog and bring peace back to Asgard; for the time being.[3]

The Trickster's schemesEdit

Thor's coronation and banishmentEdit

Loki was present when Thor was supposed to ascend the throne, only to be interrupted by Frost Giants that broke into Asgard. After the frost giants break into Asgard, Loki follows the enraged Thor, along with Lady Sif and the Warriors Three, to Jotunheim to seek for answers. They then ensue in a battle against the Frost Giants. Loki discovers that he does not get harmed by making physical contact with the Frost Giants, as Volstagg had. After they were cornered, Odin arrives and takes the group back to Asgard, where Odin banishes Thor to Earth.[1]

Learning his true heritageEdit

Template:Quote Loki then confronts Odin, where he discovers that he is actually Laufey's son, taken by Odin from a temple as he was seemingly left there to die. Odin became stressed by Loki's discovery and the exile of Thor, and falls into a deep Odinsleep.[1]

Revenge on ThorEdit

Template:Quote Loki takes the throne and refuses to take back Thor's banishment. He visits Laufey to allow him to go to Asgard to kill Odin and to take the Casket back, which Odin stole from the Frost Giants before. He also pays Thor a visit on Earth to say that Odin had died in order to keep him unmotivated. After learning that the Warriors Three and Lady Sif went to Earth, he sends the Destroyer to pursue and destroy them, and was successful until Thor got his powers back. Loki was then showing Laufey the way to Odin. Just as Laufey was about to kill Odin, Loki betrays and kills his cold-hearted father. Thor arrives to Asgard just as Loki was going to destroy Jotunheim. The others faught until Thor destroyed the Bifrost Bridge, only for both of them to be saved at the last minute by Odin, who woke from his Odinsleep. Loki, unwilling to face his father for his actions, lets go of Thor on purpose and falls into the abyss made by the destruction of the Bifrost Bridge.[1]

Loki on Thanos' planetEdit

Template:Quote After falling through the wormhole, Loki arrived in a part of the universe unknown to both the Asgardians and humans and came into contact with The Other, a servant of Thanos, who offered a pact that would allow him to become ruler of the Earth while Thanos and the Chitauri would take the Tesseract, the cosmic cube left on Earth being studied by S.H.I.E.L.D. Thanos gave him ancient knowledge through the powers of the Tesseract, providing him with a golden bladed staff with a blue gem that was powered by the cube itself. It acted as a very powerful weapon, and also as a mind control device, bending those who were touched by the gem's power to its will. Unbeknownst to Loki, while he could use it to puppeteer the minds of others, he himself was also being controlled by the Tesseract's will, the staff's power turning his green eyes crystal blue as long as he wielded it.[4]

He was still able to keep his mind and not become a mere puppet, but the grip it had on him fueled his hatred and desire to bring harm to humanity and his brother, Thor, beyond what they were. Thanos shows Loki how to temporaroly control someone while still on the plant. Erik Selvig is taken to S.H.I.E.L.D. facility, where Nick Fury shows him a source of "unlimited power" and asks if he wants to study it. Loki temporarily controls him, and makes Selvig agree.[1]

War for EarthEdit

Arrival on EarthEdit

File:Loki-Avengers 2012.jpg

Template:Quote Accepting the deal without fear of failure, Loki turned his focus back to Earth in search of a suitable agent, someone close to the Tesseract. He found Erik Selvig, a friend of Thor's and a renowned astrophysicist, who had been summoned to the task of unlocking the secrets of the mysterious cube. In time, Selvig came to understand some of the Tesseract's capabilities, and through Loki's influence he developed equipment that would focus some of that power. When the time was right, Loki activated the Tesseract, forming a temporary portal that pulled him through to its location on Earth. He was immediately confronted by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who fired guns at him only to learn that bullets bounced off of his body. Nick Fury attempted to keep him away from the Tesseract after, but Loki managed to use the scepter to subjugate and control Hawkeye and Selvig, as well as a number of other agents by placing the tip of the scepter at their chest near their heart and allowing the power of the gem to overtake them. He explained to Nick Fury that he wanted the Tesseract as part of his 'glorious purpose' which was to free the Earth and humanity from 'freedom... life's great lie' as their one supreme king.[4]

Fury tried to flee with the Tesseract, but then decided to stay and allow himself to die with the cube if it meant stopping Loki as well. Selvig and Hawkeye informed Loki of Fury's intent, prompting Loki to gather the turned agents and leave with the Tesseract after attempting to kill Fury, avoiding Maria Hill's attempt to stop them. The energy it had unleashed consumed the area and the entire S.H.I.E.L.D. compound with it.[4]

Getting the last part to the portalEdit

After securing an area to determine the next course of action for the cube, Loki noted the scepter's gem glowing and calling out to him. He allowed himself to enter a trance where he could appear to the Chitauri leader and his army in a metaphysical form. The Chitauri leader warned Loki that if he failed at his pursuit of earth and the Tesseract did not fall into their hands to be given to Thanos, that there would be no place for him to hide from the overlord's wrath and that he would beg for something as sweet as pain. Now unsettled about potential failure and more determined than ever, Loki went to Stuttgart, Germany with Hawkeye and other turned agents in order to retrieve iridium, necessary to stabilize the portal.[4]

Here he disrupted a gala at a large museum while Barton raided a secure installation for iridium. Loki struck terror into the hearts of patrons and guests by securing the one thing needed for Hawkeye to breach the iridium lock's security measures: the curator's eyeball. Loki strode out after the screaming crowd into the streets where he made several copies of himself, trapping the people and demanding that they kneel before him. Loki bragged that this was man's purpose, but a single man challenged him and his intentions. When Loki prepared to kill the old man, Captain America appeared and challenged him. Seconds later, the Quinjet carrying Black Widow also challenged him from the sky. After a brief battle with the super-soldier, during which Loki had the upper hand, Iron Man arrived and threatened to fire upon Loki, daring him to make a move. Outnumbered, he allowed himself to be captured, secretly plotting to use this to his advantage.[4]




As they journeyed to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, Thor arrived and extracted Loki from the jet. Thor attempted to reason with Loki, imploring him to remember that they were brothers (even if not by blood) and to return home to Asgard and surrender the Tesseract. Loki, however, still resented his brother, and refused to cooperate. Thor was tackled by Iron Man before he could say any more, and Loki remained on his perch as he watched them battle before agreeing to ally themselves. They took him into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody aboard the helicarrier, where he was placed in a confinement capsule designed to hold the Hulk. Loki taunted Fury about his attempts to control the Tesseract and his gathering of misfits to defend Earth. Loki's mere presence was enough to provide a disruptive element that would fragment the only group of heroes that had any hope of stopping him. When Black Widow arrived to speak with him, apparently to offer a deal in exchange for Hawkeye's freedom, he subjected her to a play of wits where he ferreted out her deeper misgivings, but was completely caught off guard when the spy tricked the trickster into revealing that there was already a monster among them and that it was not him. From this, she concluded that the monster was Banner and that he had planned to use the Hulk to destroy the ship and the heroes as well.[4]


However Loki's plan to use the Hulk, only one aspect of his real intentions, did follow through as another jet carrying Hawkeye and the rogue agents came to his aide, following a signal from the scepter. The wounded Banner transformed into the Hulk, destroying much of the helicarrier, while one of Loki's controlled agents freed him from the cell. Loki then used illusions of himself to trick Thor into entering the cell and to distract Agent Coulson. Loki mortally wounded Agent Coulson and ejected Thor's cell from the helicarrier. Though he retrieved his scepter, Hawkeye was released from the mind control, and Loki headed to New York City, where Selvig waited with the Tesseract at Stark Tower.[4]

Battle of New YorkEdit


Template:Quote Loki prepared to welcome his army and begin his glorious, but brief, war on the earth. Tony Stark, still alive after the raid and having figured out his plan, caught up with him at the Tower and abandoned his wrecked Iron Man suit to threaten him. When Loki grew weary of the threats he tried to subjugate Stark with the scepter, only to be physically blocked by the arc reactor in Stark's chest. Annoyed, he threw the inventor out of a window, and was surprised when a freshly built Iron Man armor rocketed out after the man. Loki found himself briefly under attack when the fully suited Iron Man rocketed back up to retaliate before the Tesseract opened the portal, allowing Loki's Chitauri army to come pouring through. With his triumph near at hand he was confronted by his brother, Thor, who demanded that he at once deactivate the Tesseract or the thunder god would destroy it. Loki refused, claiming that nothing could stop his war.[4]

The brothers fought a second time, Loki's scepter matching Thor's hammer. Blasts from the gem almost completely destroyed the Stark Tower logo on the side of the balcony, blasting the giant letters and debris off the side. When the confrontation came to stalemate with them grappling each others' necks, Thor urged Loki to look around him at the destruction he caused and asked if he truly believed it would all end with his rule. While Loki was unsure of himself, his eyes reverted to their normal green state temporarily as he claimed it was too late to stop the madness, but briefly considered Thor's appeal to work together to end it all and redeem himself. The will of the Tesseract over his mind was stronger than his guilt, however, and he instead stabbed Thor with a throwing knife, preparing to strike him down with the scepter as he knelt before him and laughing in amusement at the sentiment. This did little more than enrage the thunder god, who disarmed his adoptive brother of his staff and picked him up before slamming him down hard on the ruined balcony.[4]


Loki threw himself off the building as he was defeated and managed to land on one of the Chitauri's small flying craft. From there, he led an attack on the city. When the first of the Chitauri's massive Leviathans was detroyed by the Hulk, he commanded the Chitauri on the other side of the still-open portal to send the rest of their massive armada, overwhelming the city's defenses. An aerial chase after Black Widow left his craft destroyed by one of Hawkeye's arrows and Loki landed back on Stark Tower, where the Hulk confronted him. Loki's frustrated rant goaded the Hulk into simply picking him up and repeatedly slamming him into the ground. Loki was too stunned to fight or threaten any longer, more wounded physically than he had ever been before.[4]

When he eventually summoned the strength to crawl, he found himself face to face with six of the Earth's mightiest, having defeated the Chitauri army and closing the portal, he quietly requested the drink that Stark had offered before. After the Tesseract was relinquished to Thor, Loki was bound and placed in a metal muzzle (likely to prevent his pleading, threatening, or perhaps use of magic) and led to an open area in Central Park with his brother. From there, Thor used the power of the Tesseract to transport both of them home to Asgard.[4]

War of the RealmsEdit

File:Loki prison.png

Template:Quote After arriving back to Asgard, Loki was put into a crystal prison. A year after the battle of New York, a group of rag-tag invaders known as the Marauders started a war across all the Nine Realms. Thor bravely led his forces in a fight against the attackers. But his response to the Marauder threat left Asgard vulnerable - allowing Malekith the Accursed and his Dark Elves to mount an assault on Asgard. Thor needed Loki's help to defeat Malekith, so he released him from his prison but swears that if his brother betrays him, he'll kill him.[5]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a Frost Giant, Loki possesses the physical abilities of a typical Frost Giant, such as superhuman endurance and strength. When he was taken in by Odin since his infancy, Loki grew up, learning how to wield Asgardian magic against his opponents. In addition to his cunning, manipulative and strategic mind, Loki is one of the most dangerous foe a person could ever face in battle.

Frost Giant PhysiologyEdit

Being a Frost Giant, Loki has a few physical abilities. Some of them are:

  • Superhuman Strength: Loki was shown possessing strength that is above an average human. He can overpower and kill normal humans with ease and battle Frost Giants. He was shown capable of lifting a grown man by the neck and throwing him away from a considerable distance. He was even able to overpower Captain America, who himself is stronger than normal humans, with ease. Despite that, his strength is low compared to the likes of Thor and Hulk. His strength also extends his ability to leap distances far in excess of human capability.
  • Superhuman Durability: Loki was noted to take on considerable amount of damage and survive. Not even most forms of human weaponry such as bullets can hurt him. He can take the punches of Captain America and not feel a thing. This ability was especially noted when the Hulk smashes him and flings him down, however after the attack he was in no apparent harm albeit shocked and appalled.
  • Superhuman Longevity: Loki has the capacity to live for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years. Loki was a baby at the end of the last great war between the Asgardians and the Jotuns over a thousand years ago.
  • Superhuman Speed/Reflexes/Agility: Loki is fast enough to catch Hawkeye's arrows in mid-flight, inches away from his neck. He also used his speed in his fight against Captain America, during which he easily gained the upper hand, at one point even smashing Cap's shield into the ground. Indeed, had Loki not intended to humiliate the super-soldier, he could easily have killed him.
  • Cold Manipulation: As a Frost Giant, Loki can generate cold, like when he froze the lightning in the Bifrost Bridge to jam its functions.


Loki learned how to wield magic while growing up in Asgard. He was a skilled sorcerer and it was one of his best assets in battle. Loki has an extensive knowledge of Asgardian magic. He can influence the minds of others, such as when he manipulated Eric Selvig into researching the cosmic cube. He uses his sorcery to change his attire from his usual armor, to a human suit, and to his battle armor. The abilities he demonstrated were:

  • Illusionary Copies: Loki was particularly noted to fool enemies who try to attack him with an illusion of himself. Thor was noted to fall for this ability many times.
  • Teleportation: Loki was also shown being able to appear in places that was seemingly impossible to enter by conventional means.
  • Invisibility: Loki was able to render himself unseen to whoever he wanted to. Instead of letting light waves pass through himself, it was simply a trick of the mind. He was able to use his magic to mask his presence from Heimdall while he was in Jotunheim.

Other AbilitiesEdit

True to his title as the God of Lies and Deceit, Loki is able to trick and manipulate his enemies into doing what he wants. He also capable of holding his own in a fight between those like Thor and Captain America. Loki has shown that being a "god" of a different world, he is able to understand, learn and eventually utilize Earth and other alien technology to an excellent degree, such as using the eye device on the scientist, learning to use the control console that controls the cage, and flying a Chitauri airship.

  • Arcane Lore: Loki possesses great skill in wielding mystical artifacts, notably Gungnir, the Casket of Ancient Winters, and the Tesseract. He also has a great deal of skill in his use of arcane lore. He uses his knowledge primarily to conjure illusions and manipulate others to do his will. He has demonstrated the ability to cause the Casket of Ancient Winters to seemingly disappear into thin air, although it is not immediately clear if this was entirely Loki's doing or or in some way bound to an inherent property of the item. He also claims to know of secret pathways between worlds that allow him to travel without using more common transportation methods. As ruler of Asgard he also gained control of the Destroyer for a time.
  • Expert Combatant: Loki has extensive combat training that allowed him to fight off and kill several Jotuns in Jotunheim, defeat and kill several S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives, and hold his own against Thor and Captain America for a time, the latter even commenting his fighting skills.


When taking over the throne, Loki was seen wielding Odin's spear, Gungnir, which could fire beams of energy that could kill a mortal and injure and Asgardian. For a short while, Loki used the Casket of Ancient Winters to freeze Heimdall. When arriving at Earth for the first time, Loki wielded a sceptre that was capable of firing destructive energy bolts. By sticking the sceptre into the chest of a person, he was capable of twisting the person's loyalties towards him while retaining their normal personality. In battle, Loki always uses throwing knives to injure and/or kill his enemies, though he is also proficient with a spear.


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